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👉【您的命运跟着感觉走吗? 】
人生就是一段漫长旅途,有多少人能单凭 “感觉” 就可以走到目的地? 缺少了地图有多少人能走到目的地呢?唯有先分析自己的流年,我们才能更清楚地了解自己的命运和运势,这也就是人生的地图!所以说流年代表着您未来的转折起伏,也代表您的命运流程。

Grandmaster Ezier Chua 将教您如何看懂和计划您的流年运势。让您在人生道路上能根据自己的命而有所准备,从而掌握好自己的未来,减轻不必要的损失,让自己知命改命,方能长长久久。

👉【您的名字和生日匹配吗? 】
在所有的数字中,出生日期是最重要的,因为它是我们人生中所得到的第一组数字,而且这组数字终生不变。您的名字又是否和您的生日匹配?两者之间是否相得益彰?Grandmaster Ezier Chua 将在课程里和大家分析生日和名字的相互关系及影响,两者如何对您的命运形成强大的堆动力。

👉【您的电话号码能量强吗? 】
数字有吉凶, 就在您身边,大家常说 “一支手机号一条人生路“,您是不是也想知道自己的电话号码能量OK吗?Grandmaster Ezier Chua 细心为您准备了一套简单易懂的教材,帮助您了解什么样的电话号码能对您发挥最大的能量效果。

【DAY 1】流年运势 
【DAY 2】生日和名字匹配,电话号码能量
两天的课程时间:2pm – 4pm  (问与答:4pm – 5pm)

Grandmaster Ezier Chua 数字ZOOM课程,将二十年所学融会贯通,倾囊相授,

日期:2021年12月18日 – 192pm – 4pm (问与答:4pm – 5pm)

教学方式:ZOOM (中文)

Want to give your future successful self a call?
We can pass you the contact details…

Dear reader, have you always heard an inner voice telling you that you can be greater or live a more comfortable life because you have worked so hard to deserve it all?

Or perhaps you believe that we are all born into this world to enjoy what life has to offer instead of struggling to put food on the table.

If you think so, you are not alone. Many of us are so engaged in the game of hide and seek with success that we start to neglect our inner self, lose sight of our true self, and eventually disown ourselves.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can reconnect to your inner self and live the life that you have always dreamed of if you are open to trying new formulas for success.

I have recently attended a numerology course conducted by GrandMaster Ezier Chua and was wowed by how she could tell my life story from my birth numbers and name.

She did an integrated analysis of my date of birth, given name and mobile phone number, and used her amazing formula to give me insightful career, health, relationship, and wealth advice, beyond my wildest imaginations.

I am no longer searching for success in the dark, more in touch with myself, and feel confident that I will be meeting with my future successful self very soon.

If you would also like to receive life changing advice or learn how to give such transformative advice to your loved ones, you are in for a treat.

In the upcoming month of December, GrandMaster Ezier Chua is looking forward to bringing you some festive cheer with her virtual numerology masterclass.

This is a rare opportunity for you to look over the shoulder of the master of masters, at the peak of her powers, as she dissects your birth date with great precision and offers you practical solutions to your problems.

She will teach you how to analyze your birth cycle year, whether it synergizes with your given name, and reveal to you if your mobile number has strong wealth attraction potential.

With the customized roadmap and solutions that she provides you with, you will be ushering in 2022 with renewed confidence for your future.

Here’s a peek at what you will be learning to transform your life😊

Tired of taking a trial-and-error approach to your life?
Learn about the theory of cycle years to formulate a map of success for your own reference, know when your turning points are, when to strike and when to lie low. After all, success can only be achieved when you time your efforts to perfection.

Does your given name complement your date of birth?
Learn about the importance of the synergy of names and birth dates for a smoother path to success. When your name and birth date match up well, you will be taking obstacles in your stride and treading down a path of least resistance to success. Don’t you want success to arrive on your doorstep instead of you knocking on door after door?

Are you equipped a mobile phone number that attracts goodness into your life?
Having a smartphone with a good number combination is like carrying with you a portable solar powered battery that dials into your mind and recharges you for success all day long. Don’t you want to discover for yourself the secret number combinations that will bring you wealth and wellness so that you can live life to the fullest?

If you are ready to meet with your future successful self like me, register the 2 Days Zoom Virtual Numerology Class Now!

[Day 1] : Theory of cycle year
[Day 2] : The importance of synergizing your name and date of birth; The power of phone numbers
Date : 18th and 19th December 2021
Time : 2.00 – 4.00 pm
Q&A Session : 4.00 – 5.00 pm

 [Chinese Class]

To Your Success,
Team Ezier Code

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