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  • Services Auspicious Date Selection $288.00

    Important events and special occasions should be scheduled on auspicious dates in order to ensure smooth progress and favourable outcomes.

  • Services Business Reading $1,988.00$6,988.00

    A company’s name must match its registration date. Customize your company’s name for a smooth ride.

  • Services Caesarian Date Selection & Energy Balance Name $488.00

    It is important to choose an auspicious date and time for the birth of your baby so that a lifetime of good fortune can be assured

  • Services Cleansing Ceremony for House $988.00$2,588.00

    Remove negative energy from your home for positive vibes and harmonious relationships.

  • Services Employee Appraisal $168.00

    The employee appraisal will only be provided as a voice recording.

  • Services Energy Balance Name $588.00$888.00

    Our Energy Balanced Name Service will provide the personalized name reading and new Energy Balanced Name selections and tools you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to move forward.

  • Services Energy Balance Name for Newborn $388.00

    Your baby’s name can have a profound effect on his or her future and affect other aspects of his or her life.

  • Services Mobile Number Selection $48.00

    In Numerology, you can use the numbers (your Balance number) to provide you with guidance on how best to deal with difficult or threatening situations.

  • Services Poker Card Reading $88.00

    Finding clarity with the help of Master Ezier can give you the clarity you are looking for in a difficult situation or make peace with your current problems.

  • Services Site Viewing $988.00$2,988.00

    Knowing the most optimal location for your residential and workplace is important for your personal growth.

  • Services Wealth Sector Selection $468.00$2,288.00

    Sleep is not only restorative. If you sleep in the right position, it will increase your wealth.

  • Services Zoom Consultation with Master Koh, 80 Minutes Session $198.00

    Zoom Consultation with Master Koh, 80 Minutes Session.

    Master Koh has been interested in numerology since 2019 and have attended a few numerology seminar during that period. In 2019, he bought a book – Ezier Code and have become more interested in Numerology. In early 2022, he was introduced to Grandmaster Ezier to take up the course.

    After the first reading session with Grandmaster Chua where she correctly pin point those years when he is meeting problems, as such he is more certain to learn from the right master.

    Over the past 1 year, Master Koh have gain a better understanding of Merkabah and Kabbalah numerology covering from understanding a person birth chart, how the name, phone number affects a person life, the various turning points in a person life and many more. With this knowledge, he have learnt to make improvements in his life and be more prepared when the turning points are towards a tougher time.

    With this gain knowledge, he wants to be able to help those who want to improve their life through tweaking their life. This can be done via having a good mobile number, sleeping in your wealth sector and if needed, minor tweaks to your name.

  • Services Zoom Consultation with Master Morgen Thang (中文讲解) $188.00 Deposit

    Zoom Consultation with Master Morgen Thang, 80 Minutes Session (以中文讲解为主)


    不如让 Master Morgen 为您提供建议,并帮助您找到符合个人需求的合适方位和正向能量磁场的房子。


    在确定预约日期后,Master Morgen会亲自与您联系,以准备您所提供的资料。在预约的当天,我们将在线上(通过ZOOM)进行面谈。他将会与您分析和建议最适合您的房子选择!

    咨询 Master Morgen 为您挑选房子的收费标准如下:

    BTO 新组屋 – S$368(根据项目或提供3份房子平面图)
    HDB 二手组屋 – S$368(提供3份房子平面图)
    EC / Condo 公寓 – S$468(根据项目或提供3份房子平面图)
    有地房产 – S$ 688(提供1份房子平面图)




    Many people often do not understand how to choose a suitable house when buying a property! Some prefer houses facing north, while others prefer south-facing ones. Some may consider avoiding the sun setting in the west and various other factors. However, many people overlook the fact that the orientation and magnetic field of each house can have different effects on each individual.

    Why not let Master Morgen provide advice and help you find a house with a suitable orientation and positive energy magnetic field that
    matches your personal needs?

    Make an appointment now!

    After confirming the appointment date, Master Morgen will personally contact you to prepare the information you provide. On the scheduled day, we will conduct an online meeting (via ZOOM). He will analyze and recommend the best house option that suits you!

    The consultation fee for Master Morgen’s assistance in selecting a house is as follows:

    BTO New HDB Flats – S$368 (by project or up to 3 floor plans)
    Resale HDB Flats – S$368 (up to 3 floor plans)
    EC / Condominium – S$468 (byproject or up to 3 floor plans)
    Landed Properties – S$688 (1 floor plan)

    Deposit S$188

  • Services Zoom Consultation with Master Reeze Tan, 80 Minutes Session $198.00

    Zoom Consultation with Master Reeze Tan, 80 Minutes Session.

    Master Reeze Tan was introduced to Grandmaster Ezier Chua in early 2019 when he was having a tough time in his career with a messed up love life. Within a short span of 2 years, taking the advice of Grandmaster Ezier Chua, he was able to tremendously improve his career, financial situation and love life. This enabled him to achieve his dream of running his own business in 2020, quitting his day job.

    The sustained improvement in his financials got him impressed and interested in the Merkabah and Kabbalah numerology in August 2020. He then became a student of Grandmaster Ezier Chua and hopes to help others who felt helpless in his situation before to overcome them.

    A data-driven person with his business in influencer and affiliate marketing (, he validated the effects of using a good mobile number (surrounding oneself with good environment), sleeping in his wealth sector (harnessing success) and having a good English Alphabetic name (harnessing luck), through the changing of his name.

    He has recommended many of his friends in the past 3-4 years to consult Grandmaster Ezier Chua and has seen many of them doing well in life now. If you’re hardworking, smart but you find yourself struggling despite doing your best, then you have nothing to lose to try improving your life through tweaking your life fundamentally i.e. having a good mobile number, sleeping in your wealth sector and if need be, with minor tweaks of your English Alphabetic name.

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