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Mobile Phone Number Affect Your Life



在生活中,号码注解着我们人生的点点滴滴: 几时出世,身高体重,学业成绩,工作业绩,财务状况,和近年来大家十分在意的自媒体数据等等…


Grandmaster Ezier Chua 将教您如何从手机号码改变人生!

课程视频为2个小时,录制于28/05/2022 zoom线上课程。
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How does your mobile phone number affect your life?

We are surrounded by numbers in our lives, from the date and time we were born, our height and weight, academic results, sales figures, financial status, and the likes, shares and number of followers on social etc.

But has it occurred to you that the mobile phone that you bring with you everywhere also has its unique combination of numbers? And how do these numbers actually affect your life?

As GrandMaster Ezier will give you the behind the scenes view of how our mobile phone numbers are silently shaping our mental patterns and success in life.

A session that’s definitely not to be missed!

(Conducted In Chinese)

 2 hours recorded video on 28/05/2022 zoom online course.
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